Slow Down. Stop. Think.

Dan Edelen's excellent piece "The Humble Warrior" is in part a reaction to the Shoot First, Ask Questions Later (if Ever) element of the Christian blogosphere. It made me start thinking about how humility almost always entails reacting and responding to people and circumstances thoughtfully. The very nature of this medium, the blog, is built on instant publishing and near-instant response, and when one is reactionary, knee-jerk, offensive, or defensive, the medium can only exacerbate one's need to retort or retaliate.

In another post, Dan recommends praying for someone we consider an enemy before we write them up on our blog. Prayer brings perspective. So does just pausing.

I have mentioned that I'd like Shizuka Blog to be a slowly flashing yellow light on your travels through the blogosphere, like the one that marks the opening pan of "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood." Here, as there, it's a sign to slow down, that we're about to stop and be calm, be thoughtful, be restful. It's amazing what insights hit you when you're too busy doing nothing to fire your flamethrower at someone.