More Kid Stuff

Last night, Becky and Macy went to a Rockfish concert. (I am told Rockfish is sort of a Christian co-ed Wiggles, but I always thought it was a good seafood restaurant in Northwest Houston.) So Gracie had Dada all to herself. I got her a Happy Meal and let her stay up a little later than normal.
My absolute favorite moment of the night was when I was sitting in my chair reading my book and Grace found a brush and decided to brush my hair for me. I just sat there reading, letting Grace brush while she said "Pitty Dada, pitty Dada." That's bliss.

This morning Macy and I had a conversation about a toy. She needed me to explain something to her about how it worked.
Then she said, "I think so, too, Daddy," followed with much conviction by, "If you think so, I think so."

That is a rich -- rich and scary -- thought!