During the car ride to church this morning. Me, Macy (4), and Grace (almost 2).

Dada -- Oo, do you smell that skunk?
Macy -- Ew.
Dada -- It's stinky, huh?
Macy -- Why do we need skunks?
Dada -- I don't know. God wanted to make skunks for some reason.
Macy -- Just for some reason?
Dada -- Yep.
Macy -- But why do we need the sun?
Dada -- The sun? God made the sun so that we would have light to see things and so we could be warm and so the plants and trees and flowers can grow. If we didn't have the sun, the whole world would always be dark and we couldn't see. And we'd always be cold. And no pretty plants would grow.
Grace -- Yeah!

This morning, the very first thing said when I got her up out of bed.

Macy -- I just have to give you a smooch, Dada, because I love you.