Just a couple of quick notes of clarification:

The title of this site is Shizuka Blog. I had to choose "shizukagarden" for the url, because variations of "shizukablog" were not available (although the weblog "shizukablog.blogspot.com" doesn't appear to be active).
I would be ever so grateful if those of you who have seen fit to blogroll me would check to make sure you have the site listed as Shizuka Blog, and not Shizuka Garden. Thanks.

Also, on the subject of blogrolls, I suppose I should mention (because I'm a generally paranoid fellow) that if you are a commenter and/or general supporter of this site, and I don't add your site to the blogroll here, it is nothing personal. I have specific criteria in mind for the Shizuka blogroll, criteria I don't particularly feel the need to articulate but which are fairly cut and dry inside my mind. I am trying to do something a little different with this site, and that task extends to the blogroll.
If the general rule of reciprocity compels you then to not link to me or to delete your current link to me, I completely understand and it won't bother me at all.

I have, actually, already added one or two of the early supporters of this site to the Thinklings blogroll. So I'm not trying to just suck up your good vibes and give nothing in return.
I do hope that those who may feel slighted -- assuming there are any -- will notice that I don't even list either of the other two more well-known blogs I contribute to. And I don't intend to add them. In addition, I don't link to several of my good and long-standing blog-friends either. It's not because I don't like them or their sites. It's just because their sites land somewhere outside the parameters I have in mind for the roll.

So please accept my apologies in advance for any slight you believe this creates. It's nothing personal, and again, if this means you must de-link me (or, heaven forbid, stop reading), I will understand and accept it as just part of the way the 'sphere works.

The purpose of this site is not accumulating hits, traffic, links, or popularity.